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    Working to always get better

    Aldo Padilla

    Experience Design – Founding team @ allUp

    Weston Westenborg

    Cofounder @ allUP

    Khalief Brown

    Exploring what’s next πŸ—ΊοΈ Former Co-Founder and CEO of Renno

    Passionate about pups!

    John Thomey

    Marketing Pro and Former Founder

    Evelyn Kwong

    B2B Marketer who loves brand management and her rescue dog

    Scott Barrett

    Digital Marketing & Comms Leader - Hire Me!

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    Gabriel Gottlieb

    Chief Strategy Officer

    May '21 - Present

    Known for

    Got acquired
    Culture building

    πŸ’― 100 views


    Mikaila Weaver

    University Lecturer

    Aug '22 - Present

    Known for

    Design leader
    Launched something
    Drove cost savings

    πŸ“ˆ 25 views

    Richie Gordon

    Interactive Media Design Manager

    Oct '17 - Apr '19

    Known for

    Founding team
    Executive producer
    Got executive buy-in

    πŸ”₯ 50 views


    Josh Moreno

    Account Executive

    Aug '22 - Dec '22

    Known for

    Customer revenue retention
    Mid-market sales
    Top performer

    πŸ”₯ 50 views


    Known for

    Talent acquisition leader
    Coordinating with hiring managers
    Early at a big company


    Poz Long

    Creative Technologist

    Aug '20 - Jan '23

    Known for

    Creative strategist
    Training others
    Got executive buy-in

    πŸ’― 100 views


    Megan Nikolayenko

    Sr Strategic Program Manager

    Dec '19 - Mar '23

    Known for

    Sales enablement
    Facilities management
    Launched something


    Dustin Roscoe

    Product Manager

    Apr '22 - Present

    Known for

    Team lead
    Training others
    Doubled productivity


    Shannon Flynn Bevers

    President & Founder

    Feb '20 - Present

    Known for

    Started a company

    πŸ“ˆ 25 views

    Riley Long


    Jan '20 - Present

    Known for

    Started a company
    Culture building

    πŸ’― 100 views